Help us Mark Shuttleworth you’re our only hope!

You do not have to be a prophet to see that the Ubuntu Edge campaign will not be backed by enough people. Only a big player with enough money and certainly a big interest in Ubuntu Phone can make the campaign a success. I can not imagine who that big player might be except one, Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical).

It is true for sure, somebody will make the concept of convergence and unification of OS on phones, tablets and PCs become a reality. But if this will be Ubuntu is doubtful. Canonical has to make use of the actual momentum through the campaign. At the moment convergence and OS unification is a unique feature of Ubuntu, but when there will be mobile phones that have the needed power, there might also be another OS with that feature already. So Mark, by your own interest, give us, give the world the Ubuntu Edge and you will have 40000 missionaries. There might be enough people the Edge can be sold to after the device is available. People just fear to buy something for this price in advance.