Why the Ubuntu Edge will be your next mobile phone

A short answer

Because you like to have a mobile phone that is also a Desktop PC or a Tablet, depending on the screen attached to the device, and the OS and Apps seamlessly switch between those modes.

Already convinced, then go for it: http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/4078192

Do not wait, because the phone is not intended to go into mass production after the initial run.

Some additional Infos

Here you find some information explaining the promises from the short answer:

The Software Story

(The convergence from one screen size to another)

We will not focus on the hardware specifications here. The important part is the software. The hardware is a vehicle. Hardware must be powerful, like the Ubuntu Edge. But the software makes it unique. Because the software needs a very powerful phone this campaign was started. There is no other phone at the moment, and not even announced, that can compare to the Ubuntu Edge.

You already saw how to run the Ubuntu desktop from Android, but how does the Ubuntu Phone OS looks like. The phone OS you will have the full convergence with.

Ubuntu Phone

(Gesture based, modern, functional UI)

What about midsize screen devices, aka tablets.

Ubuntu Tablet

(Multi gestures, side stage, real multitasking)

Now imaging not to need another device with redundant components like cpu and storage, but just another screen.

Screen Accessory

(low price, slim, light weight)

Because of the low price you can afford different sizes for different needs.

A longer answer

There are several aspects, some are more a state of mind. Let us have a look on them.


Do we need convergence? Some say we don’t, we can use the cloud to share data between devices, or even run applications from the cloud to go on where you left off on another device.

With a Ubuntu Edge there is no need to use the cloud to share data or run applications from the cloud. The data thing is obvious and the fact of applications running seamlessly just with another UI and not disrupting your workflow is also easy to anticipate. On the other hand nobody stops you from sharing data in the cloud or using cloud applications, when working with the Ubuntu Edge.


You just have the choice. The choice to use cloud solutions or not. To know where your data is located and what happens to it. The choice where to get the software you like to install on your device and not be hindered to even install some kind of software. The Choice between accessory build for a open hard- and software platform that would not have been build for closed platforms. The choice to even change the OS itself.

UPDATE: The hardware will be not that open as some like to have it:

Will (parts of) the Ubuntu Edge be Open Hardware?”

This first version of the Edge is to prove the concept of crowdsourcing ideas for innovation, backed by crowdfunding. If it gets greenlighted, then I think we’ll have an annual process by which the previous generation backers get to vote on the spec for the next generation of Edge.

So in this first generation Edge, no, we didn’t look for open hardware specifically. We can choose silicon with more open drivers as we finalise the spec, but again I think the priority for the CPU / GPU will be performance to hit the goal of convergence.

In future generations, it would be great to see if we can do an all-open device, for example.”


We already touched this topic by talking about where your data is and what happens to it. Using a open platform is the best basis to have a more secure system. The Linux community is proofing this year after year. The community can always check if there are any hidden backdoors used by government agencies to control what you are doing and with whom you are communicating.


From the start the community can influence the project. The community might push the development in some direction to get a product that most fits their needs. The community also fasten development. If you look above at the trailer of the Ubuntu Phone OS, which was more or less showing a mock up of the future OS seven month ago, you have to compare it to the following status 5 month later.

The video states that there was a lot work done by the community to get the core functionality running.


There are lot developers out there who are capable of developing for Ubuntu. All those developers can easily develop for Ubuntu Phone. I am confident they will do this and all those important Apps will be ported to Ubuntu Phone quit fast.


Nevertheless we do not wanted to focus on hardware, here are some links on this.

If you can afford an iPhone you can afford an Ubuntu Edge.

Compare it with other devices

Check it out in 3D

I hope you now will be – at least – convinced to support this project. http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/4078192

All those already convinced once, please feel free to add additional aspects I missed out in the comments. Comments by all others are also welcome!

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