More Ubuntu Edge like devices to come

It is not a question if there will be any other device comparable to the Ubuntu Edge. The question is when will such a device be available. But sooner or later we will have Ubuntu Phone on a device capable of  running desktop mode like it was intended on the Ubuntu Edge.

Why this is a point? If the Ubuntu Edge campaign will be no success it is a small comfort for all backers. They just have to wait longer. For potential backers it might be an argument to jump on the train, because they are not betting on a mobile OS that is dead before it arrives. It is running on actual hardware. It is not finished yet, but you can play with it already! You can even run Ubuntu Desktop from Android on actual Hardware now!

But we do not want to wait any longer for some other phone than the Ubuntu Edge. So please convince people to back for the campaign. Tell them “Why the Ubuntu Edge will be their next mobile phone