Ubuntu Convergence self made – Ubuntu Edge 0.5

The Ubuntu Edge didn’t make it and the Ubuntu convergence will be a reality at least 2015 with release 15.04. But you can turn an (un)official Ubuntu Touch supporting device into a Ubuntu Edge 0.5 device.

0.5 because everything is half done. All (un)official supported devices have maybe half (or less) the performance we expected from the Ubuntu Edge, the Ubuntu Touch software is half (or less) done, using Ubuntu Desktop on your mobile device is a bit unhandy and convergence is not even available in a first step, and be build in the next three releases of Ubuntu.

The Linux on Android project let you install Ubuntu (or other distributions) in parallel to your Android installation. But you can use this desktop Ubuntu only via remote protocols, like VNC or SSH. This is what I meant with unhandy.

But there is a new Indiegogo campaign to enhance the convergence of the Linux on Android project. With the enhanced Linux on Android we have a complete Linux Desktop solution, and at least a bit of convergence between Android and Linux.

  • Shared file system: access your sdcard and storage in both Android and Linux
  • Native graphics: run Linux without VNC via HDMI out or on the devices screen
  • Audio: play audio from Linux via the devices speakers
  • Notifications: view all your android notifications from within Linux.
  • Send Mail and Texts: send emails and text messages from within Linux, from accounts set up in Android

So please contribute to the Indiegogo campaign to get a fully Linux desktop in parallel to your running Android.

This convergence is naturally not comparable with the full convergence of Ubuntu, where you switch UI of apps seamlessly between the different form factors without interrupting your workflow.

We will keep you informed about our Ubuntu Edge self made project.

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