For whom is the first release of Ubuntu Touch?

There is a very quick answer to this question. This first release is  targeted to developers, not to usual consumers. But if you are an early adopter, who likes to play around, and who likes watching a new OS arise, the good message is you are somehow able to use the OS already. If you can be always connected to the internet you can use web services via the browser. Phone calls and SMS is also working. All other apps do need further improvement. Together with the developer community you can work an getting the user experience better, because – as we stated in our last status post – under the hood a lot of things are already working.

There is still a lot of work to be done for the already existing core applications, an email client has to be implemented, and there is still also work going on under the hood. Enough work for the next release cycle.

We try to keep you informed what is planed for next April.