Ubuntu Touch Status: Back in 2007

The Ubuntu Touch team and community are working hard to get the first release of Ubuntu Touch ready. Still not all planed working items are finished and bugs have to be fixed. Compared to our last check against our definition of complete nothing decisively changed.

But a lot of things changed under the hood. Under the hood means, that there is a lot of functionality working, but the UI integration is missing. For example, there is no sync of contacts at the moment via the UI. But you can do it via terminal with the syncevolution command. Work also happening under the hood ist the change to the new display server Mir, what will be ready in a release published in the next days.

But why does this remember me being the year 2007? In this year the iPhone was released. In this year I was as excited about the iPhone as I am now about Ubuntu Touch. Before the iPhone the Sharp Zaurus was the nearest realisation of my wishes how a mobile device has to be. A Linux based PDA, though with a bad user experience, but Linux based. The iPhone was my next candidate, because the UI was revolutionary, and again the core of the OS was Unix.

The parallel to Ubuntu Touch is, that the functionality of the first iPhone was pour compared with other existing mobile OS in 2007. It was the revolutionary UI and user experience that made a lot of people crazy about the iPhone. Because of the missing functionality others were laughing about it.

Quite fast I realised that I did not get the full power of a Unix based mobile OS at hand, because Apple decided to make iOS a wallet garden. With Ubuntu Touch my wishes finally will come true. More than that. The convergence idea to have a single device, with a single OS and different UI depending of the form factor of the used display is again something revolutionary. Again a lot of people are crazy about this, whereas others will laugh about the apparently missing functionality.

In our first post we wrote about several other reasons why to buy a Ubuntu Edge, and most of those reasons fits also to Ubuntu Touch. So hopefully there are enough people crazy about Ubuntu Touch to proof we are right not to have laughed about the revolutionary aspects of Ubuntu Touch.

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