Ubuntu Touch Status: Third Party Apps for Ubuntu To

Again we took a look onto another prerelease version of Ubuntu Touch.

This version made further progress towards the first Ubuntu Touch release since we took a look at the 3th of september release. The overall experience has become smoother, OTA Update is available. We are still not able to tell, if the remaining time will be enough  to get to a level we call complete. But as we reposted a call to the community, it is still possible for everybody to speed up the velocity of getting Ubuntu Touch a complete mobile OS.

But at least two items on our “complete list” will not be ready, it looks like the native email client will not be there in October, and there is no instant messaging client announced.

One big new feature is the search functionality for third party applications. There are already a lot of applications we found.

tpa1 tpa2 tpa3 tpa4

Naturally it depends on your personal needs if any of those apps are useful to you. But there are some definitely useful once. Like Permy for example, an app you can manage app permissions with, or the Ebook app Beru, or the Task app “Ubuntu Tasks”. All these App are from the list of app made for the Ubuntu App Showdown contest. But there are also other ones announced, like a Evernote app. We will keep you informed about interesting new apps, and will do in detail review after the first Ubuntu Touch release ist out.