Status of Ubuntu Phone OS

A first release of Ubuntu Phone is expected to be delivered in October. There are several indicators how complete this first release will be, but first we should define the term complete.

Complete depends definitely on your point of view. One would call it complete if the OS has at least the same features as iPhone or/and Android OS. Another one might call it “complete” when there is a minimal set of use cases working, but even this minimal set is a individual preference.

We will define “complete” from now on until the first release as a minimal set of use cases:

- Browser
- Phone calls
- Contacts
- Calendar
- E-Mail
- Camera
- Gallery
- Jabber Client
- Calculator
- Clock
- Document viewer
- Dropping Letters
- File Manager
- Music
- RSS Reader
- Stock Ticker
- Sudoku
- Terminal
- Weather

That’s it! For each of those Core Apps you also could have defined some minimal use case set. But this will make the definition unnecessary complex.

We looked at a version build on the 28th of August. Without going into details it looks like it is a very sophisticated time plan to get the minimal set ready until end of October.

But we will compare this version with another one in the future to get a better feeling of the development velocity. This is a quite bad educated guess, because this velocity depends on a big amount of parameters.

But the end of october version will be a geek version and not for end users. Means more time until an Ubuntu Phone will be released next year, but this version must also have more features than the minimal use case set.

So it will be interesting next weeks and months, and we will keep you informed!