What to expect from a Ubuntu Phone in 2014

As we learned some weeks ago: “I think the full Ubuntu convergence experience will not be in the first round of Ubuntu phones, which we’re targeting for the first quarter 2014,” Cononical CEO Silber told CNET. What is that supposed to mean? In the first place this handset will obviously be added to the List of officially supported devices. As we know, this list is already getting longer.

Nothing special up to now. You can already install Ubuntu Phone to those devices on the list by yourself. So as an alternativ to install it on already exisiting hardware, in 2014 we can buy a device with Ubuntu Phone preinstalled.

Don’t get me wrong, being able to buy a Ubuntu Phone from your carrier or your favorit electronic shop is very important. But again the important part is the status of the OS and the availability of third party apps. We will try to give regular updates on this status.