Why not to be angry about the missing wonder preventing the Ubuntu Edge campaign to fail

Why should we not be angry about the failed campaign, and especially not angry about the missing intervention from Canonical, or even Mark Shuttleworth.

We ourself at Ubuntu Phone Blog were so excited about the Ubuntu Edge that we asked Mark Shuttleworth for help. But to be honest, the rules were clear to us from the beginning, and thosemissing 20 million are certainly needed elsewhere at Canonical. Also we do not need to differentiate between Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth here, because Canonical is a private held company.

What we need now is patience, because if there are any companies planing to build a mobile phone powerful enough to be comparable with the Ubuntu Edge, we will be told at the earliest in some months.

Now we need to be loyal and critical together, to get the best out of it, and up to now Ubuntu Phone is the only alternative. That means we still need to spread not only the word, but also to ask the right questions.