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What to expect from a Ubuntu Phone in 2014

As we learned some weeks ago: “I think the full Ubuntu convergence experience will not be in the first round of Ubuntu phones, which we’re targeting for the first quarter 2014,” Cononical CEO Silber told CNET. What is that supposed to mean? In the first place this handset will obviously be added to the List of officially supported devices. As we know, this list is already getting longer.
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What will happen to the Ubuntu Edge campaign

Only twenty minutes to go. Will Mark help us, will the campaign be prolonged, or will the campaign just fail?

Smartwatch for Ubuntu Edge

The Ubuntu Edge is based on Android and there a lot of smartwatches out there for Android. We asked our selves, if it might be a big problem to adapt those smart watches to Ubuntu Phone. We did not stopped here. We asked several companies making smartwatches (Metawatch, Sony, Agent Watches, Pebble, I’M Watch, Martian Watches) about their opinion and if they have any plans regarding Ubuntu Phone.

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Under which circumstances you would buy a Ubuntu Edge

You don’t want to buy a mobile phone with cash in advance. But would you buy the Ubuntu Edge¬†in may 2014, if the phone would be ready to ship with the promised specifications, or would you buy another phone with comparable specs and another OS?

Spreading the word is not enough

We have only some days left to make the Ubuntu Edge campaign a success. There are a lot of articles and blog posts written to convince people to back the campaign. But words are not enough. We have to show people the future, if we are able to do so. If you have some Android device you can install Ubuntu Phone on you have to do it, and show it to your family, friends and coworkers. To install Ubuntu Phone got eaven easier.

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