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Geeksphone running Ubuntu Touch?

This is not a valid information, nor a rumour, but it is an educated guess.

When I read this statement in a reddit conversation with Jono Bacon, Community Manager at Canonical.

“In the shorter-term there are smaller OEMs who serve a smaller region who see great opportunity in Ubuntu, and their costs and risk are smaller for them to trial a device. This is where we will likely see the first handsets shipping.

My hope is that when one of these smaller OEMs ships and Ubuntu handset that it sells well and it sends a strong message to other OEMs too.” Continue reading

Indiegogo Campaign: Convergence for Linux and Android

As we wrote in detail in our Ubuntu Convergence self made – Ubuntu Edge 0.5 post you get an outlook to what it might feel, when Ubuntu convergence becomes a reality.

If you like to have a complete Linux running in parallel to your Android system please contribute to the campaign of the Linux on Android project on Indiegogo. There are only 45 hours to go!

Ubuntu Convergence self made – Ubuntu Edge 0.5

The Ubuntu Edge didn’t make it and the Ubuntu convergence will be a reality at least 2015 with release 15.04. But you can turn an (un)official Ubuntu Touch supporting device into a Ubuntu Edge 0.5 device. Continue reading

Quo vadis Ubuntu Touch

More than two months ago we promised to keep you informed about the further planing for the next upcoming Ubuntu Touch release 14.04. You might think we did not do this. Somehow your right. Because others did this already more or less detailed.

But we tried to have a look behind the scene, and focusing onto the big picture, and the vision of Ubuntu touch we posted about a lot. Continue reading

Metawatch App Prototyp

In an older post we wrote about the question we send to different manufacturer of smartwatches.  Continue reading

For whom is the first release of Ubuntu Touch?

There is a very quick answer to this question. This first release is  targeted to developers, not to usual consumers. But if you are Continue reading

Ubuntu Touch Status: Back in 2007

The Ubuntu Touch team and community are working hard to get the first release of Ubuntu Touch ready. Still not all planed working items are finished and bugs have to be fixed. Compared to our last check against our definition of complete nothing decisively changed.

Continue reading

Ubuntu Touch Community testing

The first release of Ubuntu Touch is announced for the 17th of October.

Continue reading

Ubuntu Touch Status: Third Party Apps for Ubuntu To

Again we took a look onto another prerelease version of Ubuntu Touch.
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Ubuntu Touch running on OPPO Find 5

We already told you about the porting effort to get Ubuntu Touch running on the OPPO Find 5. Continue reading